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High Relaxation Factor

Beds made from Swiss pine for an exceptionally relaxing sleep

Sleep well - wake feeling refreshed! Since we spend a third of our life in bed, nothing influences your health, performance and wellbeing more than sleep. The bed - a haven where you can recuperate and recharge your batteries. Only those who sleep well are fit and fully capable.

Guter Schlaf dank Schaf!

We are you doing everything to make your bedrooms a sleep haven: Swiss pine wood harmonizes your organizm. We consider soft, breathable sheep wool blankets. A sleeping person can lose up to a pint of moisture a night. Dampness behind the head adds to discomfort increasing neck pain. Discomfort from a poor night's is avoided with the "Villgrater Naturüberbetten" (wool pillow and blankets).

Wool gives you a peaceful pain free and allergy free restful sleep.

Your holidays with sustainability

When your body is constantly wound up and can’t relax, these same responses can lead to high blood pressure, ulcers, anxiety attacks and a wide range of physical disorders. The key to bringing the stress in your life to a manageable level is to try to avoid or eliminate unnecessary stressful situations. And, when you can’t avoid them, be sure to balance stressful experiences with periods of relaxation.

Take a breather ...

Enjoy the soft wisdom of nature, so that you can stop suffering from stress. Through a combination of action and relaxation your holiday balance can be achieved!

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It absorbs a third of its weight in moisture, without feeling damp or wet. This moisture is then taken up by air in the room - making it a natural air-conditioning unit. This is why sheep's wool is ideal for a good night's sleep.

Natural & healthy

sleeping environment